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because we have moments like these :)<3

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—although this song is super overplayed and i’m sick of hearing it (on the radio), i just fell in love with it all over again.


I’m aware, yeah sparks fly by through the air

&the night lights up everywhere ‘cause you’re there


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spring break is almost here! i’m dreading finals week, but i’ll be done sooner than i think! :D there’s soo much that i want to do in my week & a half of vacation time, and i’ve already starting planning//coming up with stuff!

-make myself a blanket, with the material i bought a month ago..

-disneyland!!<3 (at least three times, i hope.)—i went twice!

-clean/re-organize my room

-camping!so much fun!, even though the tent flooded. hehee

-adventures &dates with the boy<3 (:

-finish reading the hunger games (i started during summer &haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet!! :( sosad)—i’m over halfway!

-crafting with kbear! (..need to get a start on those canvases!)

-game night!..? (still on for game night right?.. or at least a sleepoverr!!)it was a success. thankyou kbear for EVERYTHING

-try new food recipesmade the furikake mix &it was yummy!

lets see how much i accomplish! :)

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i’m currently in my 10th week of the quarter which means.. just a few more days of classes &then FINALSWEEK !! i’m already stressing. i’ve got a 10p paper due tomorrow which i’ve barely started on (ofcourse), a final on weds!!.. plus i have two finals next week as well as a research paper + group powerpoint presentation!.. thankfully i’ll be done early in the week for finals week but my goodness, i’ve got a TON to do!.. i really need to start focusing and get my ish done. i already know that i’m going to be majorly stressed out so friends: please be aware that i might not respond right away and i might be extra cranky! ..but strange as it sounds, i’m actually excited to study this week! the boy surprised me a few days ago with a basket full of goodies! “michi chan’s study survival kit” to be exact! in addition to the snacks that i love, he gave me pretty, colorful sharpies and post-its! i’ve never been soo excited to be spending hours of studying before!


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